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Markup Language

Case Studies

The aim of these case studies is to draw attention to some interesting aspects of modeling specific information in XML. In each case many "non interesting" aspects have been left out for brevity and clarity. The accompanying pages on XSLT and XSL FO highlight how some of the information identified is used.

Numismatic Reference Work

This application is a scholarly work on ancient South East Asian coins. For each coin type the information identified by markup includes:

  • "title"
  • description of obverse and reverse of the coin
  • information about known specimens of the coin; for each:
    • weight of the coin
    • owner of the coin or a reference to a published coin
    • filenames of illustrations

The information captured is displayed in a conventional manner, but in addition the information is used to calculate the average weight and standard deviation of the weight distribution. In addition a histogram of the weights is created. Further details are given in XSLT aspects and XSL Formatting Objects aspects for the techniques used.

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